Support Crack Theatre Festival in 2017

Friends, family, and kooky distant relatives who visit once a year – we need your help.
Right now, we have no confirmed funding for 2017. Zilch, zip, zero. What does that mean? We need your help to make the 2017 Festival happen. We’ve created a donations campaign with the Australian Cultural Fund.
We want to keep the Festival free, so we’re not charging for tickets or artist registration fees. We’re just asking for those who can to make a tax deductible donation to keep the Festival alive.
A Festival can cost a lot of money to produce. We just want to be able to do the basics, and do them well. We need $10,000 to make the 2017 Festival a reality.
Marketing $2000
Administration and Insurance $2000
Production (Venues, Lights, Sound) $3500
Travel and Accommodation $2500
Total $10,000
We’re asking you to support this vibrant and necessary event through donations rather than ticket sales. This means you are free to choose how much you want to offer, and if you can’t afford to donate then you can still attend the Festival. Any donations, whether it’s as much as your daily coffee or three TGIF cocktails, will make the world of difference to our team and to the 2017 Festival.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible, and those over $50 will be acknowledged as Festival Supporters on our website and social media.
Crack Theatre Festival provides an invaluable opportunity for artists across Australia, directly contributing to a vibrant and diverse future for the arts in this country. We provide access to a national network, a community, a family.
So support Crack Theatre Festival, and join our family.
Want to know more?
Contact us Hannah on and come to the 2016 Festival on Thursday 29 September – Sunday 2 October, 2016.

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