What we offer

We’ll provide a space and an audience for your newly created work. Think lo-fi, think warehouse, think milk crates – the perfect space to trial something raw and new. Or if you’d like to go site-specific we can help you find the perfect spot – the beach, the tunnels, a park, a gallery, a cafe…

You’ll have access to basic lighting and sound, as well as a projector if you’re into that. This is lo-fi / high brow at it’s finest; so you’ll need to get to the root of your idea without all the technical bells and whistles, or bring your own.


Crack actively wants to create a community that is accessible, inclusive and reflects a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We strongly encourage Artists and audience members who identify with the margins to step into our community. This is your space and we’re here to support you.

Crack is the friendliest, most generous audience in the land, because they’re working Artists like you- then there’s the most creative, cracked and curious community of locals. Over the Festival weekend you can become part of the best artistic crowd anywhere in Australia.


Peers and mentors mean works get made and tested! Being programmed at Crack includes a relationship with our Co-Artistic Directors to support your work in its journey to the Festival. Whether it’s dramaturgical support, ideas to bounce, or connections you want to make, we’re there for you. 

And if you want to take your work further, with your feedback and documentation in hand, we’ll offer expert advice to guide your next steps, helping you figure out where to pitch your work for funding and future presentations.

We’ll get you savvy documentation so that you can wrap it up in a schmick package post-festival. This means a pile of photos and raw video documentation for your wall or your portfolio. Perfect for all those future applications!

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